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Data Recovery

Hard drive crashes and your business does not have any data backup or backup of backup is also crashed. We help you recover data from bad hard disks.

Access Point

When your office or business have larger space and you have one router handling all the load and One side of the internet is faster than another room.

Software Support

Your business need software support such as Microsoft Outlook issues, virus removal, anti-virus installation, sound, or Wi-Fi not working,

Wired Network Setup

Your office or business has some computer but you do not trust wireless connection, we got you covered, we will install wired internet on all the computers.

Hardware Support

Slow computer, need to install new hard drive, RAM, graphic card or any other issue with computer; we will send a technician to resolve the issues.

Wireless Network Setup

Your office or business just install new Wi-Fi from another company and now you do not know what to do to connect to any of the computers, laptop or printer. We can help fix the issue.

Cloud Backup

Your company needs to back up business data on cloud, We will help you provide your needs. iFixDallas will educate you how to utilize cloud backup.

Firewall Setup

You will need to protect your office or business computer from data breach. It’s always smart to install a firewall before there is a breach or computer virus attack.

Business Mac and PC Support

Mac Repair and Mac Service for Business

Mac Repair and Mac Service for Business

We provide business iMacs, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Pro and Mac Mini Repair, Service, Upgrade.

PC Repair and PC Service for Business

PC Repair and PC Service for Business

We provide business PC, Desktop, Server, Computer, Data Recovery Service, Upgrade Computers.

Business IT Support

We Work with small Business, Office, and School

We work on computer’s hardware, software, network, data backup, data recovery. Any work related with computer we got you cover.
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Our Services include hardware, software, server, and network. Any make and any model, we will work on. Our mission is to manage and maintain your computer, network system, and data recovery. iFixDallas will work like an in-house IT person so your business does not have to hire one.

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