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ISD Computer Repair Plano

iFixDallas understands the value of education and technology that supports students. Computer/laptop which became one of the essential technologies in this modern time. When the device that helps educate students failed and needed to be fixed; iFixDallas come and rescued it. At iFixDallas in Plano we fix all the computer/laptop in and around Dallas metroplex city ISD (Independent School District). Computer that can be fixed, you do not have to replace the entire machine and create electronic waste.

Get estimate from iFixDallas

iFixDallas will help you fix your Computer when you need to fix it. We repair any brand or models of Computer. Give us a call or request for a Quote.

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ISD Computer Repair or Laptop Repair Plano

Bulk Repair Service

100% Diagnostic free if we are working with 10+ Computer/ Laptop. School, Colleges, Offices, and Small Business computers. We can diagnose and give you a proper estimate to fix the Computer/Laptop.

Cracked Screen

Cracked Screen are common problem for Computer. If cracked screen are stopping your students from learning then definitely contact iFixDallas, we will help you asap.

Slow Computer/Laptop Repair

Slow Computer/laptop is one of the worst nightmares you will have while working on an important task. We will identify the problem and fix the computer/laptop being slow.

Computer Charging Port Repair

Most Computer/laptop have issue with charging port because they get damage easily. We do replace charging port on any Computer. Cost depend upon USB-C or Regular Charging port.

Battery Replacement

Battery is one of the common problem with portable devices and Computer is one of them. We will find the model of Computer and replace the bad battery in no time.

Factory Reset Chormebook

You are planning to hand over the Computer/ Laptop to different student or person. We will wipe off everything from the computer or laptop, so next person can use the computer like new.


Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, HP, Toshiba, Samsung, Google Pixelbook, CTL, PC Tablet Chromebook.

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Computer Part Replacement Service Plano

  • Computer Screen Replacement Plano
  • Computer LCD Replacement Plano
  • Computer Battery Replacement Plano
  • Computer Keyboard Replacement Plano
  • Computer Trackpad Replacement Plano
  • Computer Web Cam Replacement Plano
  • Computer Charging Port Replacement Plano
  • Computer Motherboard Replacement Plano
  • Computer RAM Memory Replacement Plano
  • Computer Hard Drive Replacement Plano
  • Computer DC Port Replacement Plano
  • Computer IO Board Replacement Plano
  • Computer Screen Back Cover Replacement Plano
  • Computer Keyboard and Palm Rest Cover Replacement Plano
  • Computer WiFi Antenna Replacement Plano
  • Computer BIOS Battery Replacement Plano

Computer Part Repair Service Plano

  • Computer Motherboard Repair Plano
  • Computer Hard Drive Repair Plano
  • Computer USB A Repair Plano
  • Computer USB C Repair Plano
  • Computer Screen Repair Plano
  • Computer Hinge Repair Plano
  • Computer HDMI Port Repair Plano
  • Computer Software Repair Plano
  • Computer Virus Removal Plano
  • Computer Virus Scan Plano
  • Computer Tune-up Repair Plano
  • Computer Touch Screen Repair Plano
  • Computer Mouse Pad Repair Plano
  • Computer Keyboard Key Repair Plano
iFixDallas Mac and PC Service Plano

Why iFixDallas?

iFixDallas is an industry-leading service center, where we repair and provide services in all Apple, Microsoft Surface Pro, Windows, Linux, Samsung, HP, iPhone, iPad, PC laptop, Dell, Console, Data recovery, Virus Removal, Website Design, Technical support, IT Consultant, and many more IT support in Dallas, Little Elm, McKinney, Frisco, The Colony, Prosper, Celina, Carrollton, Richardson and other cities within Fort Worth Dallas (DFW) area. Your device and you are in good hands because iFixDallas has certified technicians who are experienced with pc laptops, apple mac for many years. iFixDallas does all their repairs in-house meaning we are more concerned with your data privacy. Certified Technicians mean you are getting a quality of work, fast services, and an affordable price. We inspect and diagnose every device to make sure the problems are at the specific parts of the laptop. iFixDallas also service and repair on Apple iPhones, Apple iPad, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, Android smartphones, android tablets, pc tablets, surface pro, Ultrabook, gaming laptop, custom build computers, MSI, Alienware, pixel phones, Google phones, data recovery, data migration, data backup, consoles such as Xbox, Nintendo switch, ps3, ps4, ps5, xbox1, Xbox 360 and more.


Q: Do you install screen on my Computer if I bring screen myself?

A: Yes, We are happy to help with screen installation on your computer. Just make sure you are bringing in the right model of screen for your computer.

Q: I have more than 50 computer for repair, How much you will charge for the diagnostic?

A: If you are bringing 10+ computer for repair we will not charge you diagnostic. There will be a bulk discount on the computer diagnostic.

Q: Computer does not charge, I think charging port is broken. How much it will cost to fix charging port?

A: We need to find out what kind of charging port you have, Charging port can be USB-C or regular charging port or charging port soldered on the motherboard.

Q: I broke my School computer, Can you fix my computer?

A: Yes, we do fix school computer. Charging port, Screen, LCD, keyboard, are common parts we fix everyday for computer.