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Computer are getting slow even though it is a pretty new computer. You bought your computer last year and now it is very slow, lagging, boot time is longer. There may be either problem with software such as:- virus attack, third party application, Windows OS or Mac OS, Junk Files, unnecessary files, unused application and hardware problem such as:- old processor, old RAM, bad RAM, old hard drive, bad hard drive, bad motherboard, bad GPU, and more. Let us identify the issue with your slow running Laptop and fix it asap.


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Identify why your computer is slowing down. Is your computer very old and needs a hardware upgrade? Is your computer new but still slow? My computer has 16GB RAM, SSD and i7 processor and the computer is still slow. How do you fix slow computers? Computers can be slow due to various reasons. Whether it is a new computer or old computer, computers can get slow due to software. Fix Slow Computer by following steps below.

Remove Computer Virus, Malware, Adware or Spyware

Scan for Computer virus, malware, adware, spyware popup and more. Run antivirus software paid or free version. Always use one antivirus software installed in your computer at once. Change settings on your browsers for popup. Always use a known website on your computer. Do not download unknown software from unknowns sites or do not download known software from unknown websites. Some computer viruses are tricky to find if it is in your computer system. Computer viruses cannot be caught by anti virus software.

Check for Startup Programs

Find out why your computer is slow by identifying how many programs open when you boot your computer. If you do not know, check how many programs are on our computer by clicking Windows Start button > select Setting > Apps > Startup. Find out how many applications are on our startup, disable it and if you are not using these app just uninstall those applications.

Clean OS Temporary Flies

This is one of the most important tasks you need to do every now and then. Most people do not know what temporary files are. Temporary files are the files that store information temporarily for either a program, download files, web browser and so on. These files are temporarily there until you do any action to complete it by moving the certain files to a folder. Otherwise these files will be in the temporary folder forever and clog up the system.

Clean/Uninstall Unused Application or Software

There is always a software or application that you have not used since you downloaded it to your system. Try cleaning or uninstalling unused applications and software. Some software has been running in the background since it was installed and you have not used it since than. Deleting the software, deleting the extra anti-virus software, deleting unnecessary software can help speed your computer. These software take space, use computer memory, run down processing speed and make disk usages to 100%.

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Check CPU Usage

Always check CPU usage before deleting software that you need. Sometimes certain software may not work properly with certain processors. Some software required a higher performing processor. Running two different higher performing processes may slow down your computer. Check if you are using any software requiring more processor speed. Either removing the software from the system or using it while other applications are not used. This may increase the speed of slow computers.

Check Hard Drive Usage or Upgrade Hard Drive

Have you ever changed your hard drive since you bought your computer? Have you noticed your computer was slowing down eventually? Have you checked your computer temperature while it was running? Checking hard drive speed, hard drive performance, hard drive age will determine if you will need a hard drive replacement in your computer. Some computers will tell you if there is a problem with your computer hard drive. Some computer hard drive crash without telling you there was a faulty hard drive. Hard drives play a vital role on slow computers. RAM, and CPU also play a major role. However, Hard drive in your computer has a moving part inside and the most used part inside a computer. That is why replacing a hard drive may fix your slow computer.

Check RAM Usage or Upgrade RAM/Memory

RAM or memory inside the computer also impact the speed of the computer. Lower RAM meaning you cannot use or computer will slow down while  using large programs. Photoshop, video editor, AutoCAD and so on are some of the software required larger RAM memory in your computer. Imagine RAM as a table where you do work; Bigger table you can do many work at a same time, smaller table you can only do some work. If you have small tablet but you need to finish large job it will take time to complete that job. Find out if you need a higher size RAM memory to fix your slow computer.

Operating System Update

One of the reasons why your computer gets slow is because you are not updating the operating system. When there is a system update and you did not update your computer, it may slow down your computer. Also, not updating your operating system makes your computer more prone to viruses, malware, spyware, adware which will eventually create problems and slow down your computer.

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iFixDallas is an industry-leading service center, where we repair and provide services in all Apple, Microsoft Surface Pro, Windows, Linux, Samsung, HP, iPhone, iPad, PC laptop, Dell, Console, Data recovery, Virus Removal, Website Design, Technical support, IT Consultant, and many more IT support in Dallas, Little Elm, McKinney, Frisco, The Colony, Prosper, Celina, Carrollton, Richardson and other cities within Fort Worth Dallas (DFW) area. Your device and you are in good hands because iFixDallas has certified technicians who are experienced with pc laptops, apple mac for many years. iFixDallas does all their repairs in-house meaning we are more concerned with your data privacy. Certified Technicians mean you are getting a quality of work, fast services, and an affordable price. We inspect and diagnose every device to make sure the problems are at the specific parts of the laptop. iFixDallas also service and repair on Apple iPhones, Apple iPad, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, Android smartphones, android tablets, pc tablets, surface pro, Ultrabook, gaming laptop, custom build computers, MSI, Alienware, pixel phones, Google phones, data recovery, data migration, data backup, consoles such as Xbox, Nintendo switch, ps3, ps4, ps5, xbox1, Xbox 360 and more.

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Q: Why is my computer running so slow?

A: Computer can be slow because of two reason. One is computer software and other is computer hardware. If you are using third party software make sure its RAM, Graphic and other specification and requirements. Too little RAM and Old Hard drive can slow down your computer. Hard drive defragmentation, SSD installation, OS update, Higher RAM installation can improve your computer performance.

Q: How do I fix my slow computer?

A: Identify first what causing your computer slowing down. It may be application, virus, RAM, Hard drive, Motherboard it self or other. After identify the issue either fix the software or replace the hardware.

Q: How do  I speed up my slow computer?

A: You can speed up you slow computer by cleaning dust if there are any, scanning virus and removing, deleting, unnecessary software, deleting unused software, registry cleaning, updating Operating system, increasing RAM or Installing SSD.

Q: Can cleaning temporary or cleaning cache files speed up my computer?

A: If you have a virus in your computer and many junk files, unused software, it may be the reason why your computer is slowing down. Before you come to a conclusion of replacing new hardware on the computer it is always a good think to do tune up or cleanup service.

Q: My Computer get slow even after doing cleanup. How to fix it?

A: That means your computer might have other issues. Keep updating your computer, increase RAM if possible, Replace Hard drive if your hard drive is making your computer slow.

Q: Why is my old laptop so slow?

A: Old laptop have so many software, junk files, temporary files, and so on; software might be one of the reason your computer is slow. Other reason why your laptop is slow are hardware. Old hardware manage data slower than newer computers. Replacing Hard drive, increasing RAM and updating OS can help you improve the speed of you old computer.

Q: Why is my new laptop so slow?

A: Even new laptop or new computer can be slow. Most cases these new laptop are using hard disk drive which is slower compare with solid state drive. Or may be there might some software issues with your new computer.

Q: Why is my computer still slow after installing 16GB RAM/Memory?

A: Computer can still be slow even after increasing RAM size due to various other reason. Your computer might be slow because of old hard drive, CPU, motherboard, Virus or other software running inside the operating system.

Q: Can antivirus slow your computer down?

A: Yes, antivirus can slow down your computer. If you download 2 antivirus at a same time it may slow down your computer. Anti virus usually run in the background and it required RAM and utilize system so it can significantly lower the speed of the computer as a whole.

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